Audrey Pink Twilight


Inspired by the iconic red carpet archetype, Audrey is designed for those looking to make a statement. Perfectly oversized yet naturally comfortable, this model is a definite head-turner.


Audrey Pink Twilight

The red carpet has always been a platform for people to showcase their most eloquent selves. To put on expensive clothing to impress people they don’t, and never will, know. Because being invited to walk this famous carpet, is to many people an honor they wouldn’t dare disrespect. 


Then along came people like Audrey. The ones who enter the red carpet to the sounds of gasps and jaws hitting the floor. The ones defying fashion trends in places seen by the whole world, changing the industry with the flick of their wrist. 


‘Audrey’ is our way of endorsing the extraordinary and atypical, leaving the surrounding world in awe, with a new perspective on style. 





Champagne mirrored lenses – The lenses are made of plastic resin cast in mineral glass mold to make them smooth, crystal clear, lightweight, and shatterproof.

UV PROTECTION: 100% protection from UV rays (UV 400).

PURENESS: the closest material to mineral glass in terms of transparency and clarity of vision.

DIMENSIONS: lens size 50mm, nose bridge 22mm, arm length 145mm.

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Do's & Dont's


• Acetate, used in our frames, is an organic material that is moldable to a certain extent. Therefore, we always recommend seeing your local optician to customize your frame for a perfect fit. This procedure can be repeated.


• Always store your sunglasses in the included case to prevent damaging your sunglasses when not using them.


• Clean your frames and lenses regularly with the included cleaning cloth.


• We recommend using your sunglass in all weather and seasons to protect your vision and for comfort.


• Even though acetate is moldable to a certain extent, never try to bend or shape your frames on your own.


• Since acetate is an organic substance, exposure of your sunglasses to high temperatures for a prolonged time ( I.E., on the dashboard of your car) may cause a change in shape or deformation.


• Don't clean your sunglasses with products containing the following substances or products; bleach, ammonia, window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, or vinegar. If in doubt, contact our customer service or consult with your local optician before using any cleaning product.


• Don't try and change lenses yourself as this may damage the product.

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    All of our products are unisex

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